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Homecoming 2017

After more than two years of surviving in the UAE, I finally got the chance to come back home to Philippines. In my previous post, I wrote a little guide in preparing a trip from UAE to Philippines (Cebu).

There was not enough time for me to prepare, that is how i felt about my gifts and baggage. I was very grateful that I am with friends who were so kind enough to stuff the chocolates and goodies into a box and a trolley bag. I'm supposed to bring a total of 40kgs for check in. I had a 30kgs of excess and I had to actually fly it by cargo ahead of my trip through LBC. I paid 320dhs for that aircargo.

The extra baggage that I sent to Gingoog, Philippines, actually arrived 4days after dispatch and 4days ahead of my arrival, so good job for LBC on that.

This will also be my first time to fly with Emirates. I was dreaming of actually being on an A380, and even dreamt of being upgraded for free. LOL

Coming home, I was not very excited but I knew I needed to take a break from work. I …

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