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Visiting Temple of Leah and Sirao Flowers in Cebu City

After their construction, Temple of Leah and Sirao Flower farms in Cebu has been circulated a lot in my timeline on Facebook. It goes to show that Cebu has more to offer now for those searching for mountain-side attraction.

I was back in Cebu to complete my renewal for Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). So as part of the trip and not just a side-trip, is to explore some places people are buzzing in social media.

Temple of Leah Like Taj Mahal, this is Cebu's version built in memory of the love to his wife-- Leah Villa Albino-Adarna-- Teodorico Adarna, the actress Ellen Adarna's grandfather.

The structures are somehow inspired by Roman architecture, or sometimes I feel like Greeky? No idea, but seems like. It is a mixed of sculptures, from angels, to golden lions, angels with trumpets, and some gorgoyle.
The trip is now easy, thanks to habal-habal, and Uber. It's easy to locate on map too, it is near to the Mountain View Resort, so locals are very familiar with it ju…

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