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Midlife Crisis

I am at the point of change, as life is a constant change. Anyone would feel that their lives are bound for something bigger. The mundane of my existence has called me for a shift in life, a different approach to what I feel would not only bring me happiness but worthiness for my entire existence, for me, my family, and the community.

Financially, I can't still raise my own in a suitable living that I dreamed my life would be when I was still day-dreaming in school. Still, I am blessed to experience all this. I could not imagine myself in a very lavish lifestyle, but I have always been contented and thriving in my present disposition.

My emotions has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. Disappointment has never left my side so thus life's surprises. It ain't easy to be far away and making decisions of your own. Friends influences decisions, but it always comes down to your preference. I chose me a lot of times, being selfish is sometimes being responsible. But I have n…

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