the consecutive failure

This is a serious problem!!! Oh my God. All my midterm practical exams didn't pass! I recieved a 15/50 score from my last written exam. What are my chances to pass Zoology1?

Just today, we had our midsummer exams in Speech1 and Zoology Lec 1. I'm quite confident on my Speech1 test, but still I'm terribly praying for its result. I don't think I did well in Zoology test, though I did a little review on the previous topics, I played on the choices.

I spent my lunch break at C.Sun's place with JabeG. When we finally went to school, oh my Goshhh, embarrased (not so,hehe). We were late for the test, good thing we were given the questionnaire and answer sheet immediately to cope with the wasted time.

I'm so freakin'ly thinking about my grade. What will happen if I get kicked-out from school because of this? My God, I can't afford to go back to Cagayan or transfer to another school.

Prayers will work.---I'm just a normal being with weaknesses and all these crazy stuff in me. I'm praying for the betterness and for the improvement. I have to make a move, a decision to change my routines. I wanna be a better person, maybe a nurse someday. :)


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