Just yesterday i told you about my unfortunate results in my Zoo exams. Now, another test result came and i feel like I can't take it anymore. Waaaa. Mr. AlexPP. gave us our first Zoo Lec long exam result, i got 18 out of 50 (i think) score. It's awful, huhu. I know its my fault.

Around 11:30am, me and my ever dearest brad decided to meet at Robinson's mall, to buy some stuff for my facial maintaince etc, after lunch. I didn't feel like heading to Robinson's after my meal so i slept for like an hour, and then i just woke up with cruel text from brad. "Atay, ali na!", "Asa naman ka?atay", (no probs,im use to it, that's a lambing actually :D)... So I hurried to Robi and then look for her, I remember she was urging me to see her asap. She said she met someone and I felt like she's in trouble. When I finally saw her, I saw sach, irene, loloy, pearl, and thea too. And an old chinese man was in front of them, they were discussing and Irene was fooling the man that I am her bf. hahahaha. Me and Brad separate from the group to buy the stuff I need. She told me that the chinese man was offering them some sort of business. And she mentioned he was a bit naughty that's why she texted me to hurry up. After we bought the things i listed, we headed to 868 and she bought her stuff too. We had to fill up our tummies so we had a snack and PP. Then went back to school to see someone and to attend the class after.

My day was a bit tiring, but its fine. Everyday seems to be unexpected, my allowance is flat again, and it rained hahaha. I have to strive harder and harder each day to pass this summer class, I have to be the best, at least. I've got nothing to say, so I'll hit you again bloggy blog blog some other time with more interesting stories.


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