the test...

We had our written exam in our Zool Lab today and I was excited about it since I really studied hard on it. It was fine, I did pretty good, though i had some mistakes, I was so careless.

I had my webpage renovated* so it will look interesting. I download a trial mode software over the internet to start renovating or redesigning the page. It took me almost 7hours to finally complete and finalize the single and simple plain sh**. My digits* are aching but at least it paid off because I had some time troubleshooting the design of the page. I had google pages but I finally got into yahoo geocities since i can upload the file and just set it as the home page. Its really tiring and I'm very sleepy already. So hit the page, CLICK HERE. <--i will have to fully edit and update it again...and it will be more easier in the second round.haaha.


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