the bohol escapade part2 (the story)


Last Friday i sms my mother, asking her to permit me to come over to Bohol. My mom and my bro's and sis went there last may2 for the International Kids Village, a huge gathering of CFC Kids For Christ. I wanted to see them and at the same time to stroll Bohol and join the conference. My mom did allow me so I was so excited, I was suppose to hit the pier" at night but unfortunately, the next day after, I have to report to class for a report/presentation. So i decided to leave by noon the next day.

The next day (Saturday, May4) I hurried to school. I was late so I didn't bother much on what I wore that day, well i wasn't naked anyway. When I got there, I coordinate with my groupmates, then presented our "Pantene" commercial. After the whole commercial thing, i headed back to my place, picked up my things and went to "L" first. Then finally went to the port, bought my ticket and seated anxiously on that Weesam seacraft. It took us more or less and hour to arrive at tagbilaran, bohol. Wew, there were lots of tourist actually and I was so excited to see my mama, bros and sis. I was riding a motorcycle on my way to Holy Name University (HNU) in Dampas where the conference was held. When i got there, it was so cool. the stage was so nice and awesome. Then I saw mama and my sister Krislyn. We went to Island City Mall to watch for the creative competition. Then went back to the HNU, where the final showdown was held.

saturday gig (IKV, Bohol)

Sunday (May5)

We woke up early at around 7am for the mass. We were housed in Putong Elem. School, I dont know where exactly we were that time.haha. But the school was kinda creepy, specially at night but no'ries... After wrapping up, we went back to HNU where the mass was celebrated too. After the mass, activities followed and it was fun, Makisig (super inggo) Morales was there too (he is a KFC even before he became a celeb, cool kid). I included videos under each date. So i will not talk a lot here,hahaha. The next post will be of my journey back to Cebu where I met so many obstacles along the way. I was stranded at the port of Bohol. So wait till I gain my strength again, and I'm going to share it to you soon...

sunday celebration(IKV BOHOL) with super inggo (not clear)


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