labor day is frog's day

I woke up at around 10am, still "tama" from my online attachment few hours that time. I remember that me, brad, george, sun, and jabe agreed to meet up at jabe's place to have our group study" " since we dont have a class. I tried to contact brad and george, but they didn't answer, maybe they were still dreaming. So I had lunch, then contact them again. i prepared myself, I went to Robinsons to wait for them there and we met and then finally went to jabe's place. When we got there, 3 toads where prepared. Then after some acquaintances with jabe's family we headed to the backyard and start torturing the poor toad. The cutting of the toad while it was still alive was quite yucky" and disturbing compared to what we did in the lab which was killed using formaline. We had gross moments with it but still we had some soupy snacks courtesy of george. Then after familiarizing the organs and some unknown parts, rested then asta lavista we went. We walked our way to the crossing and by there we ride 06B again, Brad stop by the robinsons mall, i went home, i dont know why george went straight to downtown. Then i rested and woke up to write these.hahaha.. :D


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