room hunt with reychelle

After the Zoo lec discussion, me and brad agreed to help me find a room for rent. ill be moving out but still i cant find a semi-perfect place to move in. we went to a lot of streets in ramos and we were so damn exhausted. we bought C2 but still we cant fight the hunger. so we went to chowking fuente, chit chat for an hour, ate, then went home. at least we went to 4 different "room for rent". i have one prospect left, and i hope it will be it. or else ill be stagnant here in vicitacion. waaaa...
It is really hard to find a comfy room for rent here in the city. like cocoholo said, living comfortably is costly. im so tired of looking for rooms, but i dont wanna stay here in vicitacion. i dont care what my aunties will say if i move out. i just dont like it here, with there mouth always shouting. with cool" neighbOOOrs..i hope God will guide me in every decision i make. i hope it doesn't hurt much for people who dont understand why im moving out. when i find the perfect room, ill show it to you here in the blog.

i want a house/room with not much of rules, its "oa". i hate curfews, im a night creature. i hate living with family, they pressure me a lot and i will just miss family back home. i dont want noisy housemates, nor those pakialamero. safe, walls are concrete and good ventilation. the space is a must, since i have my pc with me...and planning to buy my pc table/study table.


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