sorry i was sick

havent you noticed that i have been absent from my reports?hayyy..i was sick, and im still sick right now. I have this tonsillitis and sometimes i get crazy bout it. you know what, lately ive found out that there are really people who are intended to decieve you.hayyy...its just a matter of mindset which right now i cant control or what. trusting someone is a critical thing, dont let anyone use you. of all the things i went through regarding these stuff, i realize i have friends to call and stick with. they're all i need when everything goes wrong.

hmmm...these afternoon me and george went to reychelle's place. enjoy some dvd together (the 3 of us). ate lunch (baga me nawng,hehe) and rested for a while before going back to school. :). then we were late,haha.


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