xerox copies

Yesterday we had our last lecture on Zoology Lec. We end up at around 6pm. There were modules that we need to photocopy so we will have some sort of notes in preparation for Monday's final exam. It was so crazy. Seven pm and my classmates are terribly frustrated. Some of the copies are not yet in our class, we have to wait for other block. I amused myself by fooling my classmates, specially Mara. nyahahaha...When we were about to complete the copies, there were many copies produced yet few paid. Nile took the responsibility and paid. It was crazy and so we were damn exhausted.

10pm-- i went to Pipeline with Elson and Tintin then to kukuk's nest. Then we went back to their place and stayed there until 10am today. I'm still sleepy. Maybe I'll start reviewing later, so tired.


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