After the Storm...

Yesterday, I and kae were YM-ing...she was talking about her love life problems at school. She said she might want a RH session in the evening. I love going out, specially with kae and getting wasted and crazy. Afternoon, I went to ayala. I was suppose to meet kae there but I met Brad and we were strolling around the mall. I bought a toothbrush as a replace of that left in the taxi. We had our snack, I borrowed some cash from her (I might get short tonight...). Then Kae told me she wont make it, she's tired and I was kinda dissapointed but it was not a big deal after all so I sms te jillian and lubang to go with me. Eleven and I was in mango already, I meet some friends there. Two hours past but lubang, te jillian and company are not there yet. I met some friends, and unexpectedly surprising i saw loloy's kuya (a neighboor back in the province). And i witness a meet-up sort of fight, and i think i was kinda involve but i dont give a damn. Anyway, after two hours of undying patience, te jillian told me they are not going anymore. So I spend the rest of my time chatting and getting drunk with some other friends. Meet some familiar faces get, get to know other people. I enjoy the night though I went early around 3am.


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