Health first major subject!

We just had our orientation to our first major subject and it cost 7 units. Hmmm, I'm so excited for this subject, I'm a bit close to being a Nurse. hehe, I still have 2-steps to go.
When me and my x-classmates were discussing the activities found in the syllabus of our HC1, I was so can't get over with the enema thing and the bed bath. I'm more likely be doing post mortem care. All this will have a RetDem or Return Demonstrations and it will be done in partners. Talking about enema, i don't feel comfortable with it, i have my weakest point from the hips down. Like right now, I feel so damn conscious. I'm not a fair-complexion type and i tell you that there are some dark spots. Question: how much does whitening cost in derm centers?hahahaha. George "Victoria Zahara", my x-classmate, and a dear friend told me he is saving money for bleaching and other whitening processes. Whew, this sounds a lot of adobe photoshop enhancements.hahaha... Well...lets see if what happens when we get there.


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