level II --first day

Just this morning I wake up around 7 am. I am so excited to get back to school and wear my uniform again. I hurried up, walk fast and cross Jones Ave. as fast as I can. I arrived at school seeing new faces. Yep, the freshmen.

I can still remember my freshmen days in my school, knowing no one and i look pretty awkward that time (hahahaha).

I saw some of my old classmates and I greeted them with my humors again. It was so fun meeting my old folks with their new looks, specially the girls with new haircuts and how they work it out with their old uniforms. Since it is Tuesday, my first subject for the day was Health Care 1 (HC1). But i cant enter the class without my study load (I didn't claim it on the day I was enrolled, I was too busy with other things to wait for such pile of paper haha). Me and Jabe (which happens to be my classmate again) went to claim for our loads. I found mine but she didn't find her pass. We went back to our old classmates, chat with them for a while waiting for the time until someone told us there were no class in HC1 for the day. So, to take advantage of the time and since I'm so dead hungry, I asked my dearest friends/x-classmates to go with me at Babsis* to take my brunch. We did, and I enjoyed my brunchie. :D ..

12:30... We went back to school for Physics class. When Mr. IDK came, we submit our loads to be officially listed as his students. I found some interesting new classmates, some were ridiculous ones, and a few intimidating ones. I don't like few people in the class, I'm not insecure, come on. ahhahaa. Hmp. I need to get to know them so maybe at least I can find them useful, wahahaha.

Anyway, after those things. We (2nd years) are asked to proceed to the EMVM hall for a "dialogue". After a prayer lead by an x-classmate and a friend, Mdm. L. requested us to group and write our experiences in a sheet of paper. A leader should be assigned and a reporter too to each group. My groupmates were almost done when they suddenly pointed me to be the reporter. I was so nervous. When it was my turn, I walked straight in front of all. Face them, hold the mic, and began eating my words. I was so damn nervous, my hands were shaking and i would need those directly in front of me to hold the paper so i can read it. I was so embarrassed. until I had to say the last phrase and I was so fuc*ing saved. They clapped hands, DUH, they will all do..hahaha.

I had a great time today and tomorrow my class will start at 13:00. I will have enough time to wash my uniform.

Until now, I haven't move out yet. I'm still stuck here in vicitacion. The owner of the boarding house said that this week would be the probable dates to move in.

I'm happy and contented. Though my allowance are running out again. waaaaa. I'm gonna go asking mama again and get scolded.hehe. Bye for now.

ciao. -ken


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