two consecutive nights in Mango...waaaaa

I tried not to go for night-outs anymore but just this last friday and saturday (yesterday). I went to Mango (Doce).

Friday--i was so damn upset after some realization. That there are really people who uses others for their own pleasures and their lies are quiet convincing. So I hit the bar for a bottle of RH. I got tipsy so shortly after a while, its been a long time since my last beer. I was with Danish earlier that time but I decided for a "solo-trip" to have some time with myself, thinking about those freak bitches. I was enjoying myself with some sticks and a shot of my margarita. There were lots of people and those with the same feathers, I was in doce so more or less, its expected. hehe. Just after my 2nd shot, Ice came, an old friend of mine. That was our 2nd meeting. Then gab, a txtmate and a friend too who happens to be Dane's EB that night. hahaha. It was so crazy, indeed the world is so small. Two in the morning, Dane and me were together and I was so sleepy already. We were sitting somewhere inside beat. Then i saw Britney. It so happened that I noticed a long legged woman like, with micro shorts and a polo. I knew it was Britney. hahaha. I ran after him/her and found him with his/her cousin and a "keke" they've just met. We chatted for a while then they went home. Me and dane went to Mcdo jones. Four-thirty and I went home.

Saturday--after purchasing all my requirements with Brad, Jessa, Kim, and Lubang. I decided to go home to charge, I was exhausted. Brad asked me earlier in ayala if i would be going out tonight at mango. I have no idea that she meant it secretly so bf won't hear. She was kinda upset and i think jealous, gf-bf thingie. So after charging my butt, I change attire and met her in doce. And she went home early, as usual, curfew. So i was left alone again. When I felt stars were already in my head, I was looking for some company. Gab said, he will be late and Ice was not sure if he's going out. So i have to sms other contacts. My tummy just ache and it was so painful, i thought i was hungry. Luckily this old friend responded and accompanied me to Jollibee in Raintree mall. I had a good meal and thanks to him. I went back and Gab was already there so I had myself a company. Then Gab's friend were there to, we went to a KTV bar and I enjoyed with new friends. Then Ice came, and WHOAH, a circle of damn friends??? so wasted, i just woke up 1pm today. I did laundry today and maybe later, be at the church. :)


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