Sorry guys i haven't updated you with my daily feeds on my crazy life. Well, lately I had really a handful of buzz.

A few days ago, my housemate George and her sister left their key inside their room. They can't enter. George tried to climb on the sides/canopy (slowly so no one would caught us) of the second floor (danger is not George's word) but still he can't make it inside since the windows were screened. Well, the only way was to ask for a duplicate from the owner, and his sister went to the owner's place, while me and George went to mercury Drug Store to buy some stuff.

I didn't know that last monday a strike was happening. Since I don't have TV in my room, I rarely hear news. So, at school, after we were informed that there will be no class because of the strike (tigil pasada). Thunderbird and Jabe asked me to join them to Colon and stroll around, I have thought of a purpose that time so I went with them.


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