Rakion Mania

Rakion was my high school mania. It was introduced to me by my classmates before, and i even skip class because of this. Even though I am in college now, I came back to playing this online extreme fighting game, thus causes a little distruction to my studies.

Rakion is an online fighting game. Basically it has 3 main characters to choose from to play namely the elf, ninja, and archer. There is a swordsman character but I think you can only upgrade to that character when you have already attained a lot of skills. Keyboard and mouse controls are easy to use, there is also an online instruction during the game. The game features a Stage mode and the Fighting mode. The fighting mode could be done solo death play, team death play, and Golem War. The objective of the game is to attack opponents and gain experience and level-up eventually. Mobius cards are also available to purchase items for your character and even increase your percentage gain of your experience, but the good thing is you don't need to purchase top-up cards for game time.

The game is downloadable free at the mobius southeast asia website or click on download link below the image.


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