spyware, virus, etc...

hi guys, i was careless, i was attacked seriously with this virus/spyware...im so pissed off..i switched now to Vista Ultimate. All my files are gone. It started when I reinstalled Sony Vegas. Even Window's One care and BitDefender could not heal the infection anymore. Im really pissed off..grrr...stay in touch, as of now. Im downloading Linux's Ubuntu. I like it, i saw videos of it on youtube and im really attracted to this openshare os. ill share it to you guys, when i get my copy I'll sell it for P50 only! That's cheaper than buying in colon or elsewhere. I have headache now due to this Ubuntu search, me and dop have gone a long way to colonade just to find this creation. Now, there is no other way but to download it, or if I can afford go to Hongkong and get a free copy.hahaha. bleee...bye for now!


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