Toledo Experience

Hi guys, I'm really sorry I haven't write a lot these days. I'm so busy with my studies and other things.hehe. :D
Anyway, last thursday (7-10-08) after giving myself a break from memorizing and reviewing HC test for friday (the day after), I called paks (Ate Jillian), chat for a few minutes. She asked me to come with her and lovela to Toledo, Cebu on friday afternoon, she said that she would wait for my last subject and we'll go together. I thought it was a good idea, but I had lots of things to do. I thought, I'll be doing nothing in the City that weekend, so why not spend my break somewhere fun. So I said yes and I was so excited that I almost forgot to continue my review.

The next day (Fri), I went early to school since my class will start at 7:30... I had a stressful time that day but I was kinda excited for that afternoon's travel. Our Math subject wasn't having a class that day, so I came at my boarding house at 2pm. I wasn't feeling good so I took a rest, woke up at 5pm. I called Paks, and I ask her to bring medicine for me. And I prepared my stuff, and off I went to Labangon first. When I got there, Paks and Lubang were almost ready, and after some retouch, we then headed to City Link for a 1hour+ Van ride to Toledo City.

The trip was so tiring, and very uncomfortable to me. I had my runny nose at that time and I was not enjoying that ride. But as soon as we were somewhere almost there, I was wide awake and looked on the unfamiliar place. It was my first time to be in Toledo. We arrive in Toledo City, the place was somewhat like my hometown, but its more urban-look. Golda, a close friend and a relative of Paks and Lubang, met us in her Bakery(HQ). She offered dinner at Unity Park, a sidewalk grill park in that place. We enjoyed dinner as much as we enjoyed chatting and gossiping about some chikkas. It was a lot of fun being with those people. Then finally, we went to what they call the "Arcade", its nice there, in front of it is the warf where ferries fetch and carry passengers from San Carlos (i think negros) to Cebu, vice versa. Beside Arcade was a nice coffee shop, "Cafe Royale". It was nice there, the setting, looks like an expensive coffee shop like in Cebu. There, we ordered a few drinks just to fill our dry throats. Then Golda's friends came, and they were so nice and cool. First came Ding, she was nice and very drunk at that time after she ordered some beer for herself. Then RA, nice too, serious but easy to get along. Both of them are my good friends now, and I'm so happy. After the cafe sessions, we hit their disco club, it was cute.hahaha.. I don't know why Gingoog doesn't have a disco club like in Toledo, in fact they seem to be alike.hahaha. It was Thea's place i think, but we call it "a-Lof-thea" for some hilarious reasons,hehehe. Seriously, the place is cute-- it was not a luxurious club, but at least people enjoy the place,hhihihi. There, we danced and party as if partying in the city. I enjoyed the crowd""" and my new friends. We got off from the place and went to some sidewalk hot choco and "puto". Ding, was so drunk and she was very funny that night. Then we had ourself back in the bakery/HQ.

9am...we woke up and prepared for another interesting day. Golda asked us to come with her to Lutopan at their canteen in a mining company. So we had a short trip to Lutopan and arrived at what they call the "Hiring". It is where people are getting hired for work. When we got inside the compound, and walked to the canteen, I've noticed that the place looks like a mini forest, There were big trees and really a quite landscape. We got to their canteen, and yum, it was lunch time and there are lots of food. Almost unlimited. Golda and her fam own it, so we are like "All you can eat..". We planned to watch a concert that evening. Parokya ni Edgar and other bands are playing and it would be worth our stay. So before RA had picked us up, we were already prepared. The nice thing about the trip was it was all covered up, I had no expenses.hahaha.

The concert was really2 nice. First performance was from a local TV host/singer (I forgot her name), she was good. But when StageCrew played, I was like got up from my chair, and my very very friends were rocking the house. It was so great. Then Parokya ni Edgar performed fantastic on stage, I had a chance of shaking hands withVinci.wahahaha (it was not shake hands actually, i just grabbed his arms, people were snatching kisses). The Suburbia played last. They were good too, just that...After the rocking evening, we headed off to Toledo. I met RA's brother RJ, who was the driver.

The fun didn't just stop in Lutopan, we went back again to "a-LOFTh-ea". And that night we partied again. Some things happened incontrolably (is this a word??? XD LOL), hahahaha, but we had fun on it.

Unfortunately, next day was a Sunday already and we have to get back to cebu :) Golda gave us some cupcakes and it was yummy. I went back to my boarding house happy, unworried for Monday's test,haahahahaha.

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