with lovely and george

This happened last Saturday. I was not suppose to go out that night because I don't have money anymore to pay entrance and food for the night out. But since George invited Lovely (his cousin) to come over, I was like forced to hit Mango again (as usual). We hit Autoshop, I don't usually party there but since my company are loyal party goers in Autoshop, I had myself dancing inside. There were really lots of people that night (its a saturday, duh), different kinds of people. I was thankful I'm not asthmatic or what, because if I am, I would probably died that night. It was burning hot, my sweat were all over me as if I'm showering. Not to mention other people's sweat, ewww. George like to be in the center of attraction so he/she really find ways to be on the stage even though people barely move because of the space. I'm not used to getting "sik-sik" with the sweaty people, but I tried to transcend my situation and dance as if the dancefloor was huge.
Others were going crazy that time, those freak bitches are trying to push us away and we are like loosing balance. I'm so concerned with the people in the end of the knee-high dancefloor, there was really a little space for breathing. And it will be so dangerous if someone falls, no one could catch. George that time was irritated, he was like a bull, he dance wildly to get rid of those bitches and they almost fell when George wildly hit them with his ass. I was really thinking to myself to push off those bitches. ... It came to the point that I was now kinda far from George and Lovely, still bitches and assholes are playing there pathetic-push-dance. I found myself somewhere on the edge when someone got irritated by the pushing movements of some low-life punks...then suddenly, some people were jumping already and I saw the person holding a bottle of RH. He was about to hit the punk who he thought the one pushed him. I was very near to those people and I was like, trying to warn ladies beside me. "Sayang" they were not busted, I thought those punks should get some lessons... The tension vanished, and the party went on. There was a lady that time dancing on the counter and she was so damn sexy and pretty but she acted like a bitch so -10. hehe...
Then we went outside, grasping for some real air. Cool down for awhile then called a taxi for home. My shirt was totally wet, as in like soaked in water.

I cant forget the damn experience, I don't know if I'm going back to autoshop.haha


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