Hi guys, sorry, i got so busy with school stuff and other things that's why i got so late posting my activities. Well, to start with, last saturday evening(Aug2-3,2008) I was with my dear friends, ate jillian, golda, vanessa, kaypee, RA, JM, Dadi Ding, and many more at Casanova. We were partying and since dadi ding was around, we didn't have problem with our transpo... Well, after hitting casanova, dadi ding decided for a food trip, so we rolled to IT park at Da Vinci's. We had a lot of fun, since mostly of my friends are comedians,aw..hehehe...I didn't know that they were going to Toledo after party not until they invited me to come with them. I was so excited to come back again to Toledo and this time we will be at the beach. So after ITpark, we rolled back to mango, and then we went to my place for a drop by. I took some things needed for the beach outing and then flew with them.....We just had few hours of sleep and when i woke up, it was already Toledo, and my eyes are fighting as if they are not opening anymore. When we got prepared, we ride a multicab and went to the beach. We had a lot of fun, and it was quite an experience. We went back to Cebu around 5pm and I got home at 6pm. hahahaha, I was actually gone for almost 2days?


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