Stranded at Mountain View

Last night, we went to mountain view and going there was so nice and cold. I haven't been there, so it would be my first time. When we got up, it was surely nice and the view was breath taking. Seeing the whole city with the astonishing city lights, it was romantic. We set our snacks on the table and we played this truth-or-dare game. It was fun, Oh, I was with George, Dododop, Rogie, Paul, Chet, Jc, Hazel, and Carz. They were fun to be with, and we shared a lot of something that night..hahahaha...anyway, when it was about to call the Van we hired to send us back to the city. There was a problem. Vans were until 12am only, and it was already 2am. But the point is we agreed with the driver that he will pick us up. We had a quite of arguments with the canteen guy, who according to george was "Kalayd" (what a name). Anyway, we had no other way, but for Paul to call his yaya and pick us up. 3am and after some long instructions through the phone, yaya came with these scary face (I didn't bother looking, she might bite me, :D). So we fitte ourselves in the car. We were so silent inside, the girls were sleeping deep on our way down. Then we had ourselves dropped somewhere near in IT park. We ride a jeep and drop off Robinson's mall. We noticed that there were no traffic that time so we had a little photo shoot in the middle of the busy road of rotonda.hahaha. Funny and very shameful, some people saw us. We ride a taxi, JC dropped us off. So I hit the sack at around 5am.


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