when it feels sad and empty

My nights are nothing extra-ordinary..Be back to the boarding house as soon as possible to review my hanging subjects... Wake up 30minutes before the class time, forget breakfast..forget to quench a little for my soul. Break time are sort of relieve to my exhausted mind, in these period of time i give myself a little treat at a nearby bakery shoppe. I go along with friends and fool with them...

Life as a student isn't easy specially when your away from the people you use to dine with, from the people you use to sit beside during friday nights.

My life now is as redundant as my music player is. I wish i could download more tracks to it.

Love? I never knew it could cause me my allowance, my time, my effort, my grade, my tears, and even my innocence. Sacrifice was not my line, but at least I've done a little bit of it. Yes, i thought I loved someone before but thinking it over from a distance, its purely a work of social fabrication.

My faith?...I realized I've been deceiving myself. I'm sinking into the thoughts of beliefs and science. I pretend that I think more critically than you...yet still remains to be my personal opinion.

My mind is crazy. I'm curious about death.

Friends are special people to mess around with and source of benefits. Benefits i couldn't measure.

My life is as simple as a question mark. /?/


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