Lanugo- Lanugo grows on fetuses as a normal part of gestation, but is usually shed and replaced by vellus hair at about 40 weeks of gestational age. As the lanugo is shed from the skin, it is normal for the developing fetus to consume the hair with the fluid, since it drinks from the amniotic fluid and urinates it back into its environment. Subsequently, the lanugo contributes to the newborn baby's meconium. The presence of lanugo in newborns is a sign of premature birth.

What about Lanugo? This is one of the answers during our Ana-Physio long test today. I am so dissapointed about myself for messing the 1of2 long exams in Ana-Physio. The identification page was my weakest area, I have to think and invent words just to cover my blank page. I didn't say I won the other part, but at least it had choices but then Im sure it wont pass. :((

I cheered up myself stroll around Ramos, went to Robinsons to buy something. Went to rai
ntree mall and saw Normel and Cas, Olga and someone and Mr./Sir Iggy pass by. Went home and hit the sack, then woke up around 10pm. Started reviewing few parts for tomorrow's test for Health Care.

This is taking too much of my energy, :(( but I'm still on it. I won't surrender. hehe :D


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