Thursday Heavy

We have the worst schedule during thursdays... 7:30-12.00 for HC... 12.30-2.30 PE (with the PE freak instructor, just expressing what i feel) 3.00-6.00 HS AnaPhy.

During this health care period, we had this activity which turned to be somewhat like a voting. Well, Mr. Dajao..., Ms. Sun, and the other one i forgot, got the highest favor. The instruction was to list maximum of three person whom we trust the most. And some Mr. Young murdered my name, and wrote Cabal on the board instead of writing the whole word.

PE was hilarious, and I was expecting that. Visual Aid for volleyball, I feel like this is not so appropriate anymore, I think we go directly to playing the game not spending the boring-est time lecturing to some basics. If he knows I'm mad about his strategy then let him know and understand that we are not HS students anymore. He called my attention as if he wanted me to read his visuals, but turned to be his way of scolding me or put me to shame. (hehe, just to clear things, im not so affected, I just hate it, okay?). PE was over and then I went back to my nest, and by the way, I was not in PE attire/uniform.

I'm on my way to VC when this familiar face riding on a motorbike pass by and was intimidatingly smiling and was looking at me. I know him, and I got so pissed off that I want to stone him and hope he crash and die. Grrrrr.

Dr. Tan did dismissed us early at 5pm, and so we will have much time for rest and study for tomorrow's long test.

I hope we all be enlightened.



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