Cebu Bloggers Society Meeting

meeting started: 3:00pm
i Arrived: 6:00pm
Van John organized a meeting for Cebu Bloggers Society on Jan. 31 '09 at Bo's Coffee Club, Ayala. He presented some plans and projects, including the membership card and the ID. Also, he told the group about inactive members and the actions to be taken.
Also during the meeting, I was able to meet and greet some of the senior members/bloggers. Evanjohnn Mendoza of of of of of of of of of, and kai...
It is a great privilidge for me to join a reputable organization like CBS.


  1. i ws late..
    i arrived 6:30
    nyhhahaha..but ngkita pmi
    ni x,van,mark,mcblly,jorich,clado sa sm and ayala..
    too bad wala tika na meet..
    nxt tym..hihihihi

  2. nice meeting your jesryl and welcome to CBS!



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