Hospital Exposure

I've been spending my day today preparing for our first hospital exposure tomorrow. Though I had long breaks, I had headache pasting and cutting pictures from the magazine for our hospital notebook. I would just like to comment on that requirement, its very impractical, that's all. I will still be reviewing for the assessment procedures and other basic nursing care procedures. Tomorrow I will be assign to 4th floor Medical-Surgical ward, the busiest ward. I'm still T.A.N.G.A mode, I still don't have any idea what to do tomorrow. My other batch who were exposed earlier than us (our section) said that others have experienced washing mother's vagie (perineal care) and others has had finishing touches (post mortem). I'm not afraid of vagies and corpse, I'm just anxious about the procedure I will be making. There were tips given, they said we must be assertive so C.I.s wont scold us for not doing anything (i mean like nursing procedures). Hayyy, Now I'm staying late to blog and read some stuff before I rush to the hospital tomorrow.What If my patient is an ass, how will I deal with them? Should I break their legs? Hahahaha... "break a leg" to me... Must be there before 7, so hopefully I'll open my eyes early.

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