Jesryl's Blogging Again! -CBS membah-

I've been away for quite awhile. Honestly, I took this blog for granted...its very disappointing writing stuff and posting crazy entries when no one reads it. Its like I dont have motivation at all. But NOW, its different. Last year I tried to apply for Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) membership, I thought my application was trashed away since it took so long after someone from the team sms-ed me. I was in great happinness. Nyahahhaaha. Van John contacted me. I've known him for quite a while since we are in the same school, a member of velezster, a blogger, and most of all a photographer, and I envy him, hihihi. It was yesterday that i got his message but unfortunately we had a class so the interview happened this morning. He taught me about CBS, assessed me, asked some questions, and then the glorious statement came out, " are now officially a CBS member..", waaaaaaaaaa, felt like my pimples were popping for joy LOL. So there it goes, I'm a member now and its a big thing for me to be able to join an organization based in Cebu where I didn't originally came from.

I would like to sincerely thank Van for the favor, weeeeeeee!
Thanks a lot.


  1. hahahaa. kaluoy pud oiz. anyway, if you want people to read your blogs, my advice.. join other networking sites for blogger:

    and even multiply is a good place to share your blogs.

    anyway, welcome to CBS, and good luck with developing your blogging skills.


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