MV Doulos--my first time

My classmates called me this afternoon, said that they wanted me to come with them to MV Doulos. So we met in Mcdonalds, took a cab then we arrived at Pier 2. It was my first time to be on board of what they call "The Floating Library", I heard Doulos visited Cebu several times before and the last time was 2 years ago (?). I thought she was amazing that she survived and still wandering across the oceans.

She was built in 1914 and along her adventures it has had four names: Medina, Roma, Franca C and Doulos. She is a frieghter, migrant carrier, cruise liner, and also a floating book store. And I found out also that she is registered to 4 countries: USA, Panama, Malta, and Italy. In 1977 a German company GBA bought her and actually save her from scrap to be used in charity. Since then Doulos visited 103 different countries and has had more than 20million visitors.

I told my classmate about something I heard that Doulos is older than Titanic. She said its impossible and that Titanic was made almost 2 years earlier than Doulos, because her grandfather was born the year the Titanic was made.

By February 10 (dont know exactly) MV Doulos will be off the shore again and is bound to other ports. I couldn't forget their line, "bringing knowledge, help, adn hope".


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