CYA Assembly in Cebu

Last February 21, 2009 the Christ's Youth in Action (CYA) Cebu Chapter held a general assembly at Pier Quatro Hotel , Cebu City. It was opened to all college students living or studying in Cebu.
Ryan Almon Villamor, a mission volunter from Cagayan de Oro who happened to be a family friend of mine, invited me to the assembly week before the event.

Bro. Raul Ongkal started the organization after graduating as ECE in a University in Manila. He had attended seminars and fellowship before and in 1984 realizes change, and the real calling of his life. After College he joined lay-missionary for 2 years just to try if it was really his calling but eventually he was being sent to different Universities and finally in 1997 he decided to devote his life serving Christ.

Christ's Youth in Action or CYA is a youth oriented organization that encourages youth towards Christ.

I have met a few people, some from other schools in Cebu, one came from the same school, a few High School Students, and Mission Volunters from other places: The Speaker, Bro. Raul Ongkal, ECE and Theology Professor from Ateneo de Manila is serving the organization for 20 years already; Ryan Almon Villamor, RN from Liceo de Cagayan University, serving for 2 years already; "Kuya Pabs", graduated from Xavier University, 2 years in CYA and is a fulltime mission volunter; "Ate Em", a 4th year student of USC, Mngt Accounting and serving CYA for 4years; Miss Rica Gagara, 3rd year Nursing student from Velez College; John, Comm.Eng. 3rd year USC; Paul Young, 3rd year High School, Sacred Heart School; Warren; Jimmy, from USC, serving in CYA for 7years, "Doctor of Love"; and Billy, 2nd year High School from DonBosco. With me were my classmates Anthea Esver, Rohanei Micarandayo, and Caselyn Tarongoy. I have met also a few which are not in the list since I dont know their names.

Xchange, was the theme of the talk. Xchange is a Christian Life Series.

A clip from Finding Nemo was showed to us, the scene were Dorry was caught with a school of fish on a fisherman's net. Nemo's determination to save Dorry pushed them to ask the fishes to swim down and to pull them deeper. "Keep Swimming..." were Nemo's mighty word. A tiny fish took risk to save a friend's life.

"The Deepest deception and source of unhappiness, is the illusion of finding life by excluding God, Of finding freedom by excluding moral truths and personal responsibility." -John Paul II, WYD 2003

Life have its Tragedies: "Wala Lang...", very passive and without objectives in life, "Ay Mali..." you've found  out in the end that what you've been doin were wrong, "May Bukas pa..." wasting precious time by cancelling productive acts and results to nothing in the end. So which tragedies have you met already?

"In the end, life is not about accumulation. It is much more than success. To be truly alive is to be transformed from within, open to energy of God's love. "- Benedict XVI


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