Dalaguete Utanon Festival 2009

February 2 2009, I went to Dalaguete in the South part of Cebu to celebrate and visit my father's ancestral town.

Dalaguete is favored with hot spots which are unknown even to some Cebuanos. Its peaceful and historical vicinity brings out the beauty and amazing culture of Cebu and the Filipinos in general. Its vast supply of crops and vegetables have brought them development and economic sustainability, and thus named the Vegetable Basket and Summer Capital of Cebu.
The Utanon Festival is celebrated during the town's fiesta. People from nearby towns would come and visit the festivities and celebration. Offered to the town Saint, San Guillermo el Ermitaño, many devotees have offered their thanksgiving and prayers through mass and novenas.
My experience was unforgettable since it was also a chance to meet my cousins and relatives that I haven't met since birth. It was a chance for us to know our family well, our ancestors, and the history of our lolos and lolas.

Dalaguete's proud of the ff.:
Bars and Restaurants:
Dalaguete Beach Cafe
Eco Destinations:
 The Tourism Information Center is located in Sitio Suba, Poblacion, Dalaguete, Cebu. The center is lodged in the Tourism Commercial Building which has also air-conditioned rooms for rent on the second floor of the building.

courtesy of Dalaguete.gov.ph


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