Hilton Experience

Anthea and me had planned this sort of an outing before. We set it after finals, since she cant make it on Sat which is the formal "after finals", we did it after Anatomy test. With us was Ira, she was helping us to get there. So to lessen the expenses, we took 2 jeepney rides to Lapu-Lapu and by there we had a taxi to Hilton.

It was my first time, yeah, I'm not ashamed :). We just told the guards we will be having dinner there.

We tried some pastries, ang all I can say is, we were like eating Cocoa. Damn, we don't have enough budget but we managed to spend our few thousands wisely. We also had our little trip to the pool area and took some pictures there, we had a lot of fun until it was 6.30 and we have to get our *ss off for home.

I love their staff, they were so hospitable, one even asked me if he could take our picture (he will be the one taking the pic) without being asked. Oh, I want to be there again...so nice, but so expensive. :)
Cool experience!!!


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