Sitio Alcohol, Zapatera, Cebu City

Zapatera is our adopted community for health teachings and other activities as part of our Community Health Nursing exposure. Zapatera was named after a Spanish word which means "Shoe factory", and yes, Zapatera was once a Shoe factory. Though you may not see shoe factory anymore, the presence of establishments is a fine evidence that the barangay is already open for business. Headed by our CIs, Mr. Cabahug just graduated last year and Ms. Tiu who also graduated last year and a board top notcher, our exposure is sure to be memorable and worth learning.
Our group was first assigned to Community Organizing, and it is our duty to organize and implement a program for awareness with concern to their well-being and health. In the group, we have agreed on giving emphasis on first aid and fire prevention since it was March and first aid could be a life saver.

Held in Sitio Alcohol at their Chapel area, setting up the place wasn't easy for us, we have to prepare the "trapal" or a semi-tent. The megaphone was a useful tool to desiminate and announcing the activity, I have tried using it and it was kinda awkward. We announced all the way to Green Mosque community were Muslim people lived. It was unexpected to see a lot of participant, most of them are kids though. But the most important thing is that we caught their attention and we were able to deliver important information to them. The people of Sitio was pretty attentive and really gave their best to understand and listen to the teachings we had.
We were praised by Mr. Cabahug for having a successful activity not to mention that it was the first time to have had 50+ participant and first to use the semi-tent or "trapal". It was victory for us to hear good feedback. Though we faced a bit of shortage during the snacks, but Mr. Cabahug said that giving incentives is discourage, but at least we gave a little token for their participation.
To wrap up the whole experience: We as a health care provider should and must consider the comfort of our people, because we can not implement a program out of their comfort zones. And it is our responsibility to teach them that it is everyone's responsibility to take care of themselves.


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