Exercise No. 4: Distribution of Microorganisms in the Environment

CEBU Velez College, Microbiology Lab BSN2C, we were asked to collect organisms which are actually found in the environment like our skin, nostrils, ears, books, etc. What was funny is that the fact the we will swab a nostril (which our group was assigned) with a cotton swab soaked in a NSS solution (which would be cool). The collected specimens will be cultured, they were placed in the nutrient agar Petri dish overnight and by Monday we will report on its changes/development.

The objectives of the exercise (just a little bit of information):
1. To demonstrate the widespread distribution of microorganism in the environment, on and in our bodies;
2. To describe the characteristics of different colonies growing on the nutrient agar;
3. To perform the simple streak method in the study of bacteria.


  1. hmmm looks tasty! ;) hehe swab from the nostril.

    Just kiddin, lets see what happens...

  2. hahaha..cge..why not, lets try and lets see what colony of microorganisms appear.hehehe...


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