I LOVE YOU campaign

I'm aiming for 100++ "i love you"

write your name+"i love you"+name of someone you love or anyone

lets spread love!!!


  1. P. Anthony M.

    I Love You... still... now and forever... near nor far... even if you no longer love me... I promise... I love you...

    Carin A. S.

    a quote for all... its nice

    I am ME
    YOU are YOU
    I live not solely for the purpose of living up to YOUR expectations
    YOU do not live for my expectations

    If we meet (AGAIN)... It is BEAUTIFUL
    If we do not... It can't be help

    HOPE I HELPED KEN!hahaha

  2. i love u.....until maybe now...and i love my fmly

  3. mr. m

    i really do love you..

    the best thing about me is YOU!


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