C+ 1/2 F= NCM100, MicroBio, Nut1

First, I would like to thank God for giving me another chance to prove that I can be a competent nurse someday.

This week is pretty stressful but very interesting week for me. I have my 3 subjects for this summer class, Microbiology (lec&lab), Nutrition, and NCM100. And our section was divided into two and fused with sections C and D, creating 4 sections from the original 5 sections (we were section F). So it was fun, knowing more people and meeting new classmates for a while.

Everyday, we will have a test in NCM100 and fortunately I think I have passed all last 3 quizzes. On the other hand, MicroBio, was a little off my interest and I'm worried for the up coming test. But I still hope for the best, and sooner I will see myself wearing that all-white uniform, weeeeee XD.


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