Saturday Joy Ride | "Hilason mi"

Cebu experienced a few hours of black-out and it started around 10pm when my electric fan stopped rotating. So I have to take a bath with a lighted candle....

After a never-ending boringness of our very HEAVY subject-- Nutrition-- I did not expect I will encounter a great feast with some honorable friends XD. So this is what happened, I was outside the hospital with Anthea and some classmates when Glyness, from the car, called me "Jesryl, naa si Ate...kuyog ka?". Without hesitation, I nodded yes, and I dont know why I said yes, hahaha, I guess I'm just a Yes Man. Anyways, when I asked Gly, she told me they were going to SM, and me and Anthea are going there too so we hitched a ride. Ate Kim is no stranger to me since Gly's computer crash and bday, but there is this girl on the frontseat with ate Kim though. Gly told me they would eat/have dinner, she invited me, and I confirmed it by asking Ate Kim to invite me, hahaha LOL. So after me and Anthea shopped for tissues at the blazing hot Watsons (due to the previous black out), I head to Old Spaghetti Haus.

There I met, Ate Duwan, a highschool buddy of Ate Kim. And we get along well :) .

Ate Kim was hilason that time, she ordered a lot of food. And we almost drown on that Iced Tea. I did enjoy the food and their company. And it was really very kind for Ate Kim to invite me with them, aughhhh...hehe.. And Marra was on the list too, and she also did drown herself with the Iced tea, damn that Iced tea,hahaha..

Ate Kim told us about the "Kadaugan sa Mactan" in Mactan, that there are booths that offer cheap but yummy food, pastries, etc... Also there were activities, and the sponsors were mainly 5-star hotels. So I asked her if we could visit. So we went there after we ate.

There were Bazaars, food, and suveiner items. Ate Kim, Gly, Marra, and Ate Duwan overwhelmed themselves with earings made out of shells and bags made out of BANIG ( was made of abaca i think). And I didn't bought anything, because i left my wallet in the car. And we all enjoyed the fire work display, it was spectacular!

Going home, we were about to be dropped off when the idea of sleep over was presented, and Marra was like "really?hmm...really??", and I was like "what about me???", and ate kim was like "im tired...", and ate duwan was like "layu pa among bukid..", and glyness was like "pahulmon lang tikag sanina mar!". So me and mara ended up picking our Sunday outfits and bedroom costumes. And we went to Ate Duwan's narrow hill in Minglanilla, and back to Talisay. And the four of us did not make it to 1st Mass, because we talked and talked and talked and browsed the albums the whole night.

It was a memorable experience!!!! I would like to thank the sponsors!! Ate Kim, Ruelan residence, Glyness, Ate Duwan, Marra...please keep our secrets or I will eat u all alive!!hahahaha...


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  1. maypaka nalingaw pag black`out.
    ako tawn, nanakit akong likod sa kakatulog..

  2. naa jud ako nawong ani.. bag.o pa kaayo mata...


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