X-Men Origins: WOLVERINE

X-men was one of my childhood dish. I would always watch every episodes during weekends. Even now that I am a gown up, I still adore watching this Marvel comic. When it was made into the big screen I was really excited and I did watched it and until another sequel was added. And 2009 is the year for the third sequel, X-men Origins: Wolverine. Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine, the wolf-like mutant along with other mutants.

The story covers the story of Jimmy (Logan/ Wolverine) during his childhood and how he discover his ability, the truth about his father, and his brother's ability too. Through-out their almost immortal life, they became soldiers fought back to back, but it came to the point that Jimmy's brother became a killer machine. Now they were caught and a man from the government offered them a promising prize. The lovelife of wolverine was also shown, the betrayals, the installation of his silvery claws.

For me, the story was a little corny, its dry, and was a bit lack of something I could'nt figure out yet.

I didn't watched this on the big screen, instead I bought a pirated dvd. In my surprise, the dvd was somewhat a leaked copy of an incomplete file. You can actually see the partially finished 3D/CGI or those graphics not yet colored, its like a clay. And to my very very surprise, shockingly you will see harness all over their stunts, and even heared Jack said "Cut". That's why it is a lesson for ME and for everybody who is fond of buying these things.

FYI it will be on theatres on the 1st of May.


  1. ou~!!

    ala pa nahuman og edit!!


    saw it, too!

  2. hahaha cool sad baya..hehehe..its like behind the scenes :D

  3. ou.. then makakita sad ka unsa diay kahago ang mag`editor..xD

    when i saw this one, mas na`appreciate nun nako ilahang trabaho!xD

  4. ako pod...bcoz one of my crazy dream was to be a director, or somewhat in the field of tv and film...hehe


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