Sta. Fe Bantayan Summer Fun

Experience the shores of Sta. Fe in Bantayan island. Take a bus from North Terminal going to Bogo and from there take a barge off to Sta. Fe. Even from the port, you will see the white sandy beaches of Sta. Fe, offering a relaxing scenery to anyone.

It was almost a 2hour ride from the city to Bogo where we took a ferry and arrive at Sta. Fe. We stayed at the Sta. Fe beach club. Everything from sand to water was clear. Through-out my experience, I never saw garbage floating in the clear waters, a plus point for me. Transportation was a 3 out of 5 for me, padyak drivers ask a fair of 20pesos to the nearest poblacion. It was the end of the summer season so there are only few tourist in the area.

The Sta. Fe Beach Club is a nice place to stay in Bantayan. Room rates are reasonable, service is nice, with friendly staff. It has a volley area if you want to play, and a long shore if you feel like strolling along the beach. Usually low-tide occurs at night, its very amazing to find that the shore line goes to some meters away. Sta. Fe Beach Club also offers a free visit to its sister resort, Ogtong Cave, where you can swim and relax in the cave and also at their pool area.

Be sure to visit Bantayan Island, it would be a great trip!
more pics here.


  1. Jesryl!!! hahaha.. i've been there na also in Ogtong Cave.. Want to go there againnnnn... =)

  2. very nice. ive been there last April for 3 days and amazed of the fine white sand of SugarBeach!hehe

  3. @miong...rili?on our 2nd night, we stayed at Villa Castina, just beside sugar beach...


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