Velezster Velez College

Velezster is a social network site for Velezians. It aims to gather all the students and alumni of Velez College. It offers the basic features of a social network like chatting, blogging, discussions in forums, applications, and also supports your photo uploads and video embeds.

I was contacted by an anonymous caller who was very particular about, she was asking if the admin already knew about it. Well, the admin didn't know about it yet, but I have already asked the advice of my clinical instructor and she said that asking permission is not really necessary because there is nothing wrong about what I'm doing (or what I have created). As an assurance, only Velez students or Velez College alumni can join the site and I have already assigned moderators/content management team to filter the contents, i need to organize it well though. But rest assured, we are not in any way making an underground community against the school or whatever it is, it is just a simple social network for Velezians.


  1. sali po ako jan! jan po ako gumgradweyt ng nursing! batch 97. thanx

    lagay ko po ang link ninyo jan!


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