56th Candle Lighting, Capping & Badging Investiture Ceremony, Velez College Cebu City

After two years of hardship and learnings, we are now ready to take the next stage of our Nursing life. We have proved ourselves that we are qualified to take the next step of our careers. The Candle Lighting, Capping and Badging Investiture Ceremony is our proof of our patience and hardworking.

Velez College, Cebu City Philippines held its 56th Candle Lighting, Capping and Badging Investiture Ceremony at the Redemptorist Church in Cebu city on June 9 2009.

Mass was offered and was followed by the ceremony. The church was full of people, families of the candidates, who were very supportive of their future Nurses. Even the photographers added the crowd with their flashing gadgets. The candidates looked neat and heavenly with their new uniforms--all white. The faculty were also tidy and bright with caps on the ladies head and their RN name plates.

It was an honor to be pinned with the badge by our dear clinical instructors and the dean herself. It was also our present to our supporting parents and family. Even though I lost my wrecked lamp (long story), I still found a new one (somebody stole my lamp or have it mistaken to be his...so I took one).

Now we are ready to take the next challenge of this Nursing career. Care is our main goal to patients admitted to our service.


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