It's been a year already

Blogging for me is my self expression and sort of an outlet to my adventure. It is my journal of my wanderings in this so called life. I guess I'm in love with it.

I almost forgot that my blog just turned 1 year last April 27, 2009. Well, its been awhile already. Along the way, I met a lot of fellow bloggers, and have found a family. It was not a long time ago since I learned how to monetize my blog and the art of installing buttons from different blogging networks.

This blog had evolved from default templates to SEO favorable forms. This is a part of me now. Sharing to the world my experiences is such a nice feeling, i dont have much traffic coming in though, but at least XD.

I'm simple. I would be happy to find myself in google when i type my name. But sometimes, disappointing to find facebook rank first than my blog site, arggg.

Life is like blogging, they both have letter i.

More power to my blog, and belated happy birthday. :D


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