Baranggay Cogon Ramos, Cebu City

Community Health Nursing is one of challenging job of a Nurse. It needs to have patience, humility, understanding, and proper communcations with the community people.

Velez College, College of Nursing is affliated to the Baranggay Cogon Ramos. Each year, a set of Nursing students are assigned to the community to render community nursing. The goal is to provide health teachings or Primary Health Care. Giving the community people the knowledge and skills to do their own health promotion and health management, thus empowering them.

June 11 to July 8, 2009 was my asssigned dates to serve the commuity. Along with my fellow nursing students we visited homes and assess the problems the community have. It is our job to provide health teachings and intervention to elevate and promote health.
Since family is the basic unit of community, the Family Health Nursing allows student nurses to home visit and assess family health problems and prioritize each and provide interventions. After planning whatever is to be intervene, the student nurse visits again their family and implement health teachings.
In the Health Center, we were given the chance to assess community people in for consultation. Every Wednesday is immunization day and during one of that day we were given the chance to immunize babies parenterally, yes we injected babies with Vaccines.
As nurses, we are also teachers but not just ordinary teachers, we were day care teachers one time. Giving cute lessons to our very cute pupils.
We also had Community Organizing, were we discuss the hottest issue of the world: Influenza A(H1N1). During our major activity, we discussed about Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and Diarrhea. Community people are very challenging to convince, when you're in the community you need to be open minded and should be able to mingle with the community.
Community Health Nursing is a vital role of Nurse.


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