Burglar in Jonquera extension, cebu city

The reason for my unusual break from blogging is a burglar. Someone took my desktop PC away. The very mysterious part is that they didn't damage a thing, or even a scratch on my very door. It was a clean job.

There were only 3 persons who knew where the keys are and has a key to my room: George and Ate May; and the landlady with her "cleaners".

July 2 2009, 10am was my last check up on the room. From the heavy activities from school, I went home at around 6pm, then the PC was gone already. I ran to my soon-to-be apt which is where i live now due to this unfortunate event and ask George's mom about the pc, she didn't have any idea and was starting to worry and advice me to look back. I called george and te may but they didn't know, and then I declared it was robbed. Things went fast, there was even a harsh argue between george and the landlady. The police were in no help, only to advice to look for my things if they were on sale and if I found it then that will be the time they will act. I couldn't give the harshest word ever to describe that being.

Now my questions are:
1. who stole my pc?
2. why there were no trace of forced entry?
3. on june 8 the tenants of the second floor was robbed, a sony bravia tv and a dvd player...who could be the burglar?
4. inside job isn't it? was it someone living with us in the same house?
5. or was it a set-up to cover some debts?
6. or maybe someone who has access to all...

7. Why don't we receive receipts after our monthly payments?

God might not allow us to catch that pathetic being because if he does, that would surely ends 6 feet under. But even though, I still believe in karma.


  1. very well said ken. hehehe.

  2. damn, so sorry to hear this ken. tsk3! and yeah, you don't have to be the one to catch this "pathetic being", God is there all the time and He knows what's supposed to be done to that idiot. :)


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