OR Major Cases: Extracapsular cataract removal and Modified Radical Mastectomy

In the Operating room, life is very busy specially when there are 3-5 cases or even crazier when there are plenty of cases. It may be a minor or a major case, as a student nurse you need to be assertive and active. The speed of your work is very vital in the area specially with major operation like MRM. And you need to be watchful in your instruments.

Monday July 20 2009- I was assigned to scrub with a cataract operation. Patient E.M., 54 years old diagnosed with Senile Mature Cataract, OS. Surgeon performed extracapsular cataract removal and insertion of intracapsular lens prosthesis, phacoemulsification, OS. Operation last about 25 minutes. I was able to give post-op health teachings (e.g., avoiding streneous activities and lifting heavy objects, etc.).

Wednesday July 22, 2009- I was assigned to scrub for Modified Radical Mastectomy. Patient female 51 years old dianosed with medullary carcinoma. Modified Radical Mastectomy was performed at left breast.

Been able to observe surgeons, interns, and nurses perform and I was able to help at least serve the doctor with sterile gloves and gown though some flaws were made. It was my first time to actually scrub in which is very strict.

Hope to assist for more major cases in the future.


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