Velez College: Ready for Online Education

The third year Health Education class under Miss Anne Embradura of Velez College held an online conference to cover up some missed topics due to unexpected events.

July 24, 2009 Friday. BSN 3 section D had a conference on the web discussing Health Education's Simulation and other topics. At first the class tried to establish a conference in yahoo messenger but unfortunately it can't support our demands. So the class tried that supports a free chatroom creation.

The conference lasted almost 2hours and the topics were almost finished. Started at 8pm, we ended at around 10.30pm.

Online education is not impossible but needs a lot of training and understanding on dealing with the world wide web.

Is Velez College ready for some innovations?


  1. wow. amazing lageh na. yeah, it can be an alternative baya.

  2. hahaha amazing lagi pero nagkalisud jud me..malibat nkog basa adto...LOL


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