Cebu Blogger's Cebu Heritage

Last Friday, we had a little trip around Metro Cebu which we called "Cebu Heritage". On that trip, we actually shoot for the upcoming Philippine Blog Awards and for our "station ID".

We met at Basilica and had our first shoot at Magellan's cross. When we were about to shoot my part near the candle stands the guard stopped us saying that we need to ask permission first. But we had little time so we hid somewhere in the corners and had a fast shoot.

Next location was the downtown's crossing (Metro Colon). It was Timoy's shoot, they tried it in the middle of the road during traffic shift, but they couldn't make it. So they just did it at the side of the road.

There was a buddy challenge, the group with the least expenses will win a friendly treat. So we tried not to buy anything though I was really hungry and thirsty that time.

So we ride a jeepney for the next location--Capitol. We shot the next scenes. We were really hungry and it was lunch time so we decided to have lunch at Larsian's. But I received a call from my aunt telling me to go home and come with her to Dalaguete (my grandmother just passed away, the the body was taken back to dalaguete for the wake). I told other CBS friends, and off I went home.


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