I witnessed a miracle

A young fragile creature came to the world to experience life. For the first time it breathe the earth when it cried.

The receiver's care pampered it to fully arm his security and safety. Then a warm blanket covered it from the coldness of the air.

Its senses are to be trained, to eventually see truth in every sound, every angle, every touch it perceives.

It is the gift of faithfulness and love. A present of a risked life.

Every drop of nutrients it takes came from the spring of life, it carries sufficient ingredients for the development of the being.

A happy author smiles at the sight of the innocent creation, forgetting what had been put to risk.

Every moment was crucial, but care reigned.


Wednesday, August 22 2009

Mother gave birth to a live baby boy via NSVD. I was assigned as the Mother's assistant. It was stressful, and we need to be alert and fast. Around 8pm, baby came out. The atmosphere was filled with happiness. Even I, was happy to witness a miracle in my two bare eyes. I congratulated the mother. The baby was so cute that I didn't hesitate to take care of him.


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