I've got a new desktop computer, thanks ma and pa

So I have a new computer now and I'm loving it. If you can remember my last pc was stolen inside my room and till now, case unsolved.

So here's the specs:
AMD 5200
ECS something motherboard
2GB Ram
1GB Video Card
250 HDD

so its a super computer for me..weeee..im so happy :D

click read more to view information about AMD 5200

A middle of the road option in the AMD lineup, the AMD Athlon 5200+ can handle whatever you throw at it competently. Rated at 2.7GHz or 2.6GHz (dependent on the specific model processor you buy) with a TDP of 65W, the 5200+ is cool and efficient enough to be quiet and light on the utility bill, but strong enough to handle a fair bit of gaming or encoding without becoming a system bottleneck that causes major delays.


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