Therapeutic Communication in Psychiatric Health Nursing

Psychiatric Health Nursing is a practice of promoting mental health. This is more likely the study of human behavior regarding their mental health status. A very helpful study in dealing with mentally ill individuals.

One of the very basic techniques in dealing with mentally ill persons is to have a therapeutic communication towards them. This enables the nurse to assess and treat the client in a holistic manner. This would prevent biases and hinder the probability of complicating treatment which could be a result of being judgmental.

Therapeutic communication is the interaction of the nurse and client, allowing the client to openly express his/her anxieties and feelings. There are several techniques of therapeutic communication:

Using silence
Giving Recognition
Offering Self
Giving broad openings
Offering General Leads
Placing the Event in Time and Sequence
Making Observations
Encouraging Description in Perception
Encouraging Comparison
Giving Information
Seeking Information
Presenting Reality
Voicing Doubt
Seeking consensual Validation
Verbalizing the Implied
Encouraging Expression
Attempting to Translate into Feelings
Suggesting collaboration
Encouraging formulation of Plan of Action
-Videbeck pp. 111-115


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