Hello 2010

I spent my Christmas vacation at home in Medina, Misamis Oriental with my family like I usually do. Well, still the same activities except that I can drive farther than the usual routes now, because my father allowed me already at least 20km away from the house. Christmas was shiny as the lechon was, we spend the Noche Buena earlier than most of you do, we have it on dinner time at 7pm. At midnight my siblings were out at mass (or with their gals), my sister and parents sleeping.

Even if it was raining and almost a gloomy celebration, I manage to spend a Christmas karaoke session with MYSELF Until I lost my miracle voice. Then around 2am after watching TV, I hit the sack.

I realize that the gap between Christmas Day and that of New Year's is a bit of boredom days for me, specially in our place that's always raining and the roads are muddy. I would always lay on the bed the whole day or watch TV, we dont have a steady internet in out town.

New Years day was kind of exciting, my parents decided we should also experience the dining thing you do during midnight. Pretty exciting until there was a brown out. The sky is still crying but not as much as that of yesterdays. I learned that my father bought some firecrackers to crack the gloomy air. So we went outside wearing masks. I lit only one "kwitis" because I was afraid it would flew directly to my face, so most of the lighting were done by our neighbors who still manage to threw bombs while lighting our fire crackers.

The lights went down until 3am, and I thought I have to get some sleep because later on that day we spend some "quality" time at the beach with a family friend.

At the beach, surprisingly flies are not expected to gather at beaches in large numbers, so I have to spend an hour for candles and looking for electric fan. But the "party" dont stop with some bunch of bunch of flies, we needed to get the new year spirit. So we had games, and unfortunately out of the 3 games, we won 1 (in my group).

After the beach, the family decided to visit the place where my father bought the firecrackers used on the night before because hours after my father bought those a very unfortunate event took place, taking 2 lives, reportedly. When we got there, we saw 3 fire cracker shops/stalls already turned into ashes.

My vacation was not pretty exciting this year, but I still thank God for the life and the blessings of friendship and love. And for the next two months I'm turning older and I hope more wiser.


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