Smart Bro Unlimited for 200 pesos

Good news Smart Bro plug-it prepaid, now there is an unlimited internet for 5 days for only 200 pesos. A customer representative told me when I was complaining about my slow connection. How ironic? haha.

Now that's 40 pesos a day! Its a good news for those who dont want to subscribe for the unlimited plug-in plan which is a 2-year contract.

Lately I've been using Unli Surf the unlimited internet promo for mobile devices but actually you can use it on pc after registering on your mobile and using your phone as modem or inserting the sim to the usb modem/plug-it. It has flexible options like 50/day 1,200/30days.

Another good news is that Smart Bro increased the maximum speed on the canopy-type smartbro to up to 2mbps!!! It's not anymore 1mbps. But when I tried to ask about the minimum/average speed the agent told me around 500kbps.

All these upgrades are just nice but right now I have a bad connection with my plug-it and I have a good signal.


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